Uk Market

Hi Everyone,
Im sorry if this is not the right place to make my question about this Subject. If there is a need to delete the post feel free as I understand it.

So... I might need to move to UK (Leicester to be more precise) because my Mom is extremely ill (might be her last days/Months) and i need to take care of her. I Lived my entire life in Portugal and Comics related, there is NO industry in the country. Portuguese make comics but they are more Author’comics then anything.
I’ve been working as a colorist for indie comics over the Internet and having a job to pay my rent.

On UK if i get a job to pay the rent and take care of my mom it will be hard for me to have time to continue working as Colorist (as im doing).

So my question is, how is the Market in UK? Specially in Leicester area (or nearby)?

Is there studios looking for ComicBook colorists? What would i have to do to make a living in comics business while im im UK?

Ofc there is always a chance to my coloring career take off working for others over the Internet.

Btw, here are some of my work if you want to evaluate my skills to give a proper opinion.