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Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Aron Mason, Jul 17, 2017.

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  1. Aron Mason

    Aron Mason Blue Belt

    some of you might see a post like this on tapas that I originally posted there.

    I am coming up on two years on Tapas and my comic is entering Season 19 starting on 1st next month Yet I still only have under 70 subs and only a small handful of wonderful people who give likes and feedback and show me they enjoy what I do. I have noticed comics with a quarter of my pages yet the subs are in the hundreds and for the life of me I cannot understand it.
    I know some of the content is against political correctness and I show and alternative society but I really thought I would have a better following by now. ok enough of the belly aching i'll get on with what I came here to ask.
    I think one problem could be the share size of my comic is daunting to people and when they see 500 + page number they just don't bother. So I have come up with a possible solution but I'm not sure and would appreciate some feedback on this.
    Three months ago I started resizing my pages and putting them on comic fury as a back up and what i'm thinking now is as I put a back season on there I should take it off Tapas and leave a note saying where to look . my thinking is not to leave Tapas but to in time only have two back seasons on here thus a more manageable read for people and they can hunt down the old stuff if they want to. So sorry for the big load of Text but what do you think? I really need my numbers going up I have made a pathetic $7 in two years and I don't do this as a hobby.
  2. AnitaComics

    AnitaComics White Belt

    As every host, even Tapas has a kinda specific audience, that tend to prefer this or that genre. I took a look at yours, and your numbers, and I guess Tapas might not be the best solution. You have a lot of views, yet a very low conversion to subscribers, so it shouldn't be a promotional problem.
    I support the idea to move it to other platforms that might be more interested about your project. It's not a bad idea to keep it on various platforms too, if you have the time and will to take care of all of them. A little help would also be to have a specific thumbnail preview for each page. It would add some dynamic and fun, even considering there's a lot of pages.

    aaand that said, here's something you might not want to hear. You've been warned. Please take it as a friendly suggestion, and not as an harsh critique: the overall quality of the art is low. Most webcomics grow in quality over time, we all know it and most readers are happy to support newcomers, as they know they'll get better, but you already have a hella lot of pages up and the latest aren't much better than the first. I know - there's a lot of people doing a lot of money not being that good, and the story should be more important than the art, but still drawings are the first gatekeeper to new readers, expecially if it looks like the author is stuck. Take your time to work on it, improve it. You said you're not doing it as a hobby - than you gotta step up your game.
    I guess no one likes to read this kind of reply, but I also think it's needed. We are a community that strive to help each other go big; we won't make it sugarcoating the bad parts of reality.
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  3. Aron Mason

    Aron Mason Blue Belt

    thanks for your honesty and feedback , I have recently changed tack and stopped using my poser figures to lay out the pages so my style is changing now and i hope that will improve things as i am now doing more drawing and less tracing over figures, it worked but it also made me lazy as i was more interested in cranking out a page a day for the comic.
  4. Aron Mason

    Aron Mason Blue Belt

    @JamieMe please close this thread now and delete if you wish, ive heard about as much about my crappy drawing today as i can stand.
  5. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Closed the thread, but instead of taking it harsh I'd use it to improve. We all get this @Aron Mason. I wish I had a copy of my first ever lettering review. It wasn't pretty, but it helped me become the letterer I am today!
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