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Discussion in 'Comic Discussion' started by jynksie, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    I just post pictures of Gorilla's and tag @Jonathan Carter tbh.
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  2. DLF

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    Bumping this thread up because I discovered this on my tumblr dash:

    Apparently tumblr is AWFUL for sharing links

    I haven't been using it as my main comic sharing tool, but I have been using it. I've noticed notes seem to have had a steady decrease and now I know why.
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  3. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Whoever posted about StumbleUpon I can confirm I've seen results.
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  4. Mischy

    Mischy White Belt

    Wow they're going out of their way to shut down creators but porn bots are literally everywhere. I've had to block so many of them after they follow me. Nice to know we can post porn everywhere but can't share links to our work lol.
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  5. MegaRdaniels

    MegaRdaniels Blue Belt

    Twitter: Twitter to me is like cake walk lol. Twitter is a lot more responsive and the algorithm is easy to follow. Choose the correct hashtag, make some funny or convincing comment, post your picture and then BOOM! Retweets all day and or likes. It's a starting point for those who are inching to promote their comics.

    Facebook: Same as @Donathin Frye, its more for so for a personal level, but as a whole....not all that sweet unless you go and join some Facebook groups and even in those you barely get to promote your stuff there. You can ask for help and for some support, but as for promotion and getting people to read it is a no go.

    This Site: Excellent way to make friends, share experience, promote your comic, and just be silly lol. Lol still new here so I have a lot to learn. :)

    Comic Book Hosting Sites: Sites like The Duck Webcomic, Smackjeeves, Comic Fury, Tapastic, and others can push your comic out there if you promote it properly.
  6. MegaRdaniels

    MegaRdaniels Blue Belt

    Really? How? I have used it and I barely seen any results, what is it you did that I didn't do correctly?
  7. MegaRdaniels

    MegaRdaniels Blue Belt

    Comment of 2017
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  8. Bakertoons

    Bakertoons 4-Stripe White Belt

    Lot of good thoughts here!

    One platform that I don't think anyone mentioned is reddit. Whenever my comics update, I share it at /comics and /webcomics. I get most of my pageviews there, ranging from 100 to 300, depending on the particular comic. I found that I usually get more on Mondays and Fridays than Wednesdays.

    One of my webcomics is hosted on Tumblr (although I'm hoping I can move to my own private server someday), so some people just follow the comic straight through there. I recently hit the 100 mark (the comic's been running since October), so it's been growing, abet slowly.
  9. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Getting likes seem to get me hits. It has gone hit and miss now tbh.
  10. Screaming Rat

    Screaming Rat 4-Stripe White Belt

    I think the thing with tumblr is that it comes in weird spikes because of the way the site works. The best way to get to new readers is through reblogs. I had one strip get a LOT more reblogs than usual and i jumped from like 100 followers to almost 1000 practically overnight, since that comic dropped out of popular circulation my follower count has evened out to maybe one or two a week.

    As a reader I find tumblr better for strip comics as opposed to long story comics, but that might just be me.
  11. Varethane

    Varethane White Belt

    Most strip comics will have an easier time marketing through social media (or in general), because a single strip shared around requires so little investment from the reader-- they see it, they get the joke, they share it, and move on. In contrast a longform comic page requires a new reader to check out the rest of the archive before they'll get what's happening, and the number of people willing to do this will always be lower than the number who'll like and share that one topical/relatable strip that made them laugh.

    Twitter is probably my best source of traffic as far as social media outreach goes; my comic-related posts get some notes on tumblr, but only from existing readers, and I don't know how widely they get found outside of that. Now that I've heard they're throttling posts with outbound links, I suppose now I know why XD;; Not that I made good use of tags/was searchable before this, but still.

    I'm starting to give Instagram more of a shot-- the tough part is that they take an opposite approach to hiding posts with outbound links. You can drop URLs into an image's caption, but it won't become a hyperlink; people have to copy/paste it in order to go to the site, or else click through to the profile and hit the link there.I have noticed small upticks in traffic when I do post there, so at least a handful of people are making the effort. Instagram is probably great for people content to get attention within that platform, but it's not really geared to send traffic elsewhere.
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  12. Bakertoons

    Bakertoons 4-Stripe White Belt

    You are correct that strips are easier to market than story-heavy comics. I do two webcomics, one a gag-strip and another that's longform, and the former is MUCH more easier to market and get a larger number of views than my other comic for the same reasons you mentioned.

    I'm wondering if anyone here uses Discord, which is a chat-system like Skype. I'm a member of several art communities on Discord, where they generally have a room dedicated to sharing your art. I always link my comics there, and managed to gain a few readers that way. That's something one can look into.
  13. grawlixcomix

    grawlixcomix 4-Stripe White Belt

    Twitter is my go-to for promoting my stuff — not that I’m an expert, but that seems to be where the webcomic artists are. Lately I’ve found lots of new comics through (surprise) Comic Book Hour. But I wonder where the new readers are. Who might get into webcomics, and how can we reach them? Thinking outside of the browser:

    • Current comic book fans. Advertise in comic book shops and general book stores.
    • Fans of fiction in general. Promote webcomics at book clubs and meetups.
    • Would-be fans who don’t know better. Press releases to news publications as your comic goes to print, hits a milestone like 500 pages, has a successful kickstarter, etc.
    • More would-be fans. Reach out to non-webcomic podcasts and pitch your story, not your medium. It’s not “my fantasy webcomic is about ….” More like “my story about fantastic worlds — which you can read online, for free.”
    • Geeks at comic conventions. Many artists already do this, but I wonder if a general “webcomics are a thing!” exhibition would make them feel more mainstream.
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  14. J.M. Henry

    J.M. Henry White Belt

    Lol! My opinion of twitter changed a bit since though. Been using Instagram more often, and I find that that's been the most responsive to posts/updates.

    33 likes on instagram for one of my recent posts, vs 3 on twitter, and dead air on Facebook(okay, 2 on fb, but most of the time it's dead air)

    So, fellow artists, if you're not using instagram, I'd jump in right now!
  15. AnitaComics

    AnitaComics 4-Stripe White Belt

    I'm not that good at promoting myself, but I try my best. I keep a facebook page, because I started off with friends and family asking to be updated more (I tend to keep my stuff in a drawer and that's all). It's now grown a bit, and it's useful keeping it alive because I'm collaborating with two collectives that use facebook as a gathering tool. I'd open it anyway to keep in contact with them; also, all of the individuals who are part of the collectives keep a facebook artist page, so we share each other's works. It's pretty well integrated in my workflow. Apart from this, it didn't work at all as a promotional tool: all of my followers are people I've met in real life in one way or another, who find comfortable to be updated via facebook. Knowing this, I update expecting nothing, and I don't get stressed out about "making it work".

    Twitter is a much more effective promotional tool. It also helps finding new realities that I'm interested in (see comic book hour, or ghost city comics, whatever). This said, I hate making promotional posts on twitter because it gets clogged easily by spam. It's a good networking tool, and that's what makes the real promotion, in my opinion.

    I sometimes use Instagram, but only for one kind of content that I see fit and is appreciated by that public more than the facebook audience. Same goes for Tumblr: I'm not using it right now, but I'm in the early stages of a project that Tumblr will like, so I will update it there more than on facebook.

    I'm doing all of this very casually, actually. Doing a straight up promotion isn't in my desires, and I'm easy to satisfy with a bit of recognition. I work, and whenever I've got something worthy I update the social I think will appreciate that work more, or all of them if it's the case
  16. ThatMangoka

    ThatMangoka White Belt

    I just read about this the other day and sank into yet another bout of existential dispair.BUT if anyone is interested, I also came across a cheat code for this nonsense.

    I'm encouraged by the luck you guys seem to be having on twitter, is there a specific time you post? I've had middling success on instagram, and tumblr is very difficult to market original stuff on, but I'm just starting with twitter.
  17. DLF

    DLF Blue Belt

    I usually post my stuff first thing in the morning. I try to get people who check it when they wake up.

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