Vilified Pitch #2 Catching the Bad Guys


Doesn't seem like my first Pitch - The Lesser Evil is getting any traction. So I'll try again with another story about a bad guy who try as might just isn't going to get caught.

I'll post the entire script below.

But here is the synopsis.

Two cops working the night shift are on the G.S.K. task force. Of course back then he was known as the E.A.R., but I digress. Mack & Fitz are on the case but the hot prowling bad guy is right under their noses and flaunting it.

Here's the sweet part about this comic, and I think its really what this anthology is all about. This story is also going to be in a Kickstarter Anthology that I'm putting together that tells more stories about The G.S.K. This means that when the Kickstarter is funded you would get your page rate, or whatever we need to work out in order to make this a reality. And it would be in two Anthologies!

In case you are wondering The Golden State Killer is a real guy, who committed very real crimes. I'd like to see him caught in my life time so I'm putting together this comic with others to spread the word and help bring justice to the families and victims of this murderer.

So be before we get to the script, one more thing. This story is fiction. It is based on a real person, and real ideas about who the G.S.K. was and his bold and strange behavior. It's the Lifetime channel version of true crime.

So with that in mind, here ya go

The G.S.K. - Mack n Fitz Script.
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