Vilified Pitch: "The Face You See"

As we all know, villains aren't born evil. It's not until a horrific act we come to associate the villain's face with their dark side. Who were they before then? For those closest to them, a villain was a friend, a lover, a parent, a child. Did that change the day they realized their loved one's true nature? How does one respond knowing the person you care about the most is a monster?

Enter Phoebe, a young woman enraptured in the romance of her latest flame Mark. He's handsome, charming, gentle, and sweet. But he's also distant, there is a part of his life Phoebe doesn't know about. When that secret comes out, Phoebe is beyond shaken. Her view of the man she loved changes, and she doesn't know how to cope.

Community members @Ben Howard (Scary Cleve) and @jtphillipsMNR are seeking a colorist to contribute to their Vilified anthology entry. Please, contact us at, send us your portfolio and we will notify if you make the cut. Pay is negotiable after selection.

Ben Howard's portfolio:

Justin Phillips' portfolio: