Vilified Pitch: Working Title "It's Not Easy Being Mean"

Hello, I'm a writer and work with an artist friend of mine on Cowan's Crux. It's my first comic though so I don't have any other work to show apart from it. I do write novels, but none of them are finished enough to publish yet. I can point to a few short stories and poems that have been published if you need more examples of my writing beyond the comic though, although that's a very different style. Why am I not working with the artist I do Cowan's Crux with? Well as I said, Cowan's Crux is my first comic so I'd like the experience of working with a different artist, especially as it's just a short four-page work.

Here's the pitch: Story stars in a bar with a man drinking alone, watching a group of people leave the bar. The bartender comes over to speak to him because he remembered not long ago they all used to drink and talk together. Man explains that was before he became their boss and had to become the object of their ire to allow them to retain their cohesive spirit. Would play out mostly through flashbacks as the man explains what's happened to the bartender.