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  1. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Hello ComicBookHour,

    We've launched our first community collaboration event. Below you'll find out information on how to join in, and how to look for team members right here on the forum.

    What is POWER-UPS: Vilified?

    POWER-UPS: Vilified is a community anthology presented by me, Jamie Me, and the ComicBookHour community. Unlike the vast majority of comic anthologies we will be handling things a little differently.

    How so?

    Everyone who is accepted in to the POWER-UPS: Vilified anthology will be given a royalty-free license to sell and distribute the finished comic digitally, with strict-guidelines, in what we view as a fairer system than what is traditionally offered.

    What is the theme for the anthology?

    The theme of the anthology is vilified individuals.

    "I'm not who they think I am."

    How you interpret this is completely up to you. Part of the fun will be seeing how creators take this simple writing prompt, and develop a four-page story with a beginning, middle and end.

    How are the four pages structured in the anthology?

    The total page count is FOUR, so you'll have

    Page one (turn), pages two and three (turn) and then page four.

    This should allow you to format the story with a beginning, a middle and an end.

    Quick link:

    Page-Size Template (PDF)

    Page-Size Template (CLIP-friendly)

    All content submitted needs to be 300 DPI, TIFF format and to follow these measurements:

    Bleed Size: 266x176mm Trim Size: 260x170mm Safe Area: 254x164mm

    Shout-out to @lizkreates for the CLIP-friendly template.

    Who can join in?

    Anyone 18 and over can submit to the anthology. All you have to do is sign-up to the forum, and post.

    As it is a collaboration event we want to see teams with a minimum of two members, and a maximum of four. Who does what will be up to the people involved. Artists, writers, letterists, colourists, editors and other roles that make up a comic will get the same rights as each other.

    We anticipate that most will be accepted. Please read the Terms & Conditions for further details.

    How do I form a team?

    Post your pitch for collaboration on the sub-forum right here. Be sure to clearly mark what role you would be doing in the title of the post. Here are some things to keep in mind:

    Sell yourself:

    - Your post should include why people should want to work with you

    - Links to your portfolio and/or completed works

    - If you are a writer, especially if you are a new writer, you should consider posting your story pitch. Show potential collaborators why they should want to work with you

    What is the deadline?

    The submission deadline for this project is September 17th, 2017 by 11.59 GMT. Your work must be submitted in full. An unfinished draft will not be accepted, and the deadline cannot be extended beyond the date stated.

    We will add to this post with any questions that you have, or additional data that we believe will help the community. For a complete breakdown of the project be sure to read our anthology Terms & Conditions.

    Where do we upload submissions?

    In September we will open a submissions post on the forum. Here we'll direct you to upload your submissions.

    A final word from Me...

    I believe we are the leaders of indie comics, and we can set a positive example by working together. Let's build this as a community, and benefit together. The way it should be!
  2. ShaneV

    ShaneV Blue Belt

    Working on my pitch right now.
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  3. Trinket Trance

    Trinket Trance 4-Stripe White Belt

    This is extremely exciting! Thanks for putting this together, Jamie, and for being such a hardworking and inspiring community leader. I will absolutely be pitching for this. There's a short I was working on but didn't quite finish for the IF Anthology that I think will work wonderfully with this theme.
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  4. MartaRatonPersona

    MartaRatonPersona White Belt

    I'm in!
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  5. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    No worries, I'm excited myself. Over the next months we'll build something incredible as a community!
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  6. Aron Mason

    Aron Mason Blue Belt

    I'm in i'm just having a word with my partner in crime er i mean team mate before working the pitch

    Edit : ok me and my partner in crime Infected Blood have decide to be a two person team, not going to pitch at present my story but it's standing up for disabled people. I look forward to seeing this all come together.
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  7. Massimo Sabadin

    Massimo Sabadin White Belt

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  8. B. Alex Thompson

    B. Alex Thompson White Belt

    I'm interested in getting in on this. A little over 2 months...? Yeah, I think it's doable. :)
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  9. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Just about three months, and glad to have you on board!
  10. Bakertoons

    Bakertoons 4-Stripe White Belt

    Oooh, sounds interesting!
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  11. Mharz

    Mharz Blue Belt

  12. Infected Blood

    Infected Blood Blue Belt

    Just wanted to make sure I understand the page requirement: It's 4 pages, each drawn on front and back, correct? That would read as pages 1 through 8 in the end?
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  13. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Four individual pages total.
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  14. Captain Ufo

    Captain Ufo White Belt

    I think I didn't understand one thing: should we form teams outside here, then post the project on this section, or use this section to form teams?
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  15. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    People have to be members of the forum, but you can form outside of the forum. We'll be opening the submissions forum in September. The forum can be used to find people. Lots are waiting to see writers pitch. I know that for sure.
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  16. PJAxel17

    PJAxel17 White Belt

    Sounds like fun. Count me in!
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  17. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Awesome, it is going to be a tool for creators, IMO. Imagine when it is done and you literally have an issue or volume in your arsenal.
  18. Captain Ufo

    Captain Ufo White Belt

    Tha I understood, but I had the impression that we artists who want to partecipate to the anthology should write something like "This is me, this is my portfolio/webcomic/art page, check if it suits the story you're thinking of" and I did not understand if that was correct and in which section that would fit.
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  19. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    If you are an artist that wants to participate and you don't have a writing partner then posting on the forum with your portfolio and the types of stories you'd like to work on is a good idea.

    Maybe you have a type of story that you'd like to draw, and a writer will get in touch that will pitch how they would do it, or that they'll work with you to achieve what you envision.
  20. This Chuchklehead

    This Chuchklehead White Belt

    Sorry if this has already been covered. I've already formed a team IRL. Do you still want me (us) to post on the forum or are we okay to crack on!

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