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  1. Infected Blood

    Infected Blood Blue Belt

    @Aron Mason Hello my friend, what you ask here is very practical and dear to me, too:
    Yes! Pages on tapastic and Webtoon will fit in WA :) No resizing, yippee!!!

    @Whitherling You are very welcome! Let me know if I can be of further help :)
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  2. Captain Ufo

    Captain Ufo White Belt

    Seems very promising! I'm going to restart publishing the whole series this autumn anyway, it's definitely worth it to have another mirror.

    One question: what about daily updates? Ok? Better not?
    I mean, we now have two full story arcs (well, the second one ends in three weeks, so we can say it's concluded and we should be a few pages into the third season when WA opens) and over 160 pages, there's enough stuff to go on for half a year with consistent daily updates (maybe skipping holidays or week ends, I don't know; it depends on the platform, but week ends seem to be the weakest in terms of traffic.)
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  3. Infected Blood

    Infected Blood Blue Belt

    @Captain Ufo Great to have you onboard, too! You are asking rather general questions to which I can't really answer, but personally (and not on behalf of WA) I would go for no more than two or three single-page updates a week. I hear that releasing daily isn't very helpful, traffic wise, so why squandering two pages? I believe in building your readership slowly and consistently (and I've seen it pay off), and sticking to a schedule like this would serve the purpose. Of course, you may also go the other route, by releasing entire episodes once every few weeks (Webtoon-style), but I'm quite convinced that it works only on very selected platforms and I have no idea if will work at all on WA. I hope I didn't confuse you even further ;)
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  4. Captain Ufo

    Captain Ufo White Belt

    Thanks! I'm not that good at figuring out what works to spread or job, so any general advice is welcomed. The chapter style update is tricky for us. The series has not been developed with that format in mind. Even if we go scene by scene, we end up with chapters varying wildly in terms of lengths, which doesn't seem good to me. One to three pages a week seem better.

    Anyway, I have another question/suggestion I forgot to bring up in the previous post: I see a nice button for Patreon on that sample page you posted. When we restart publishing form page 1, we're also going to open a profile on Ko-fi, as I think the two sites complement each other pretty nicely: Patreon is for those who wish to support you for a longer period, Ko-fi is good for those who prefer tipping you once in a while without commiting to monthly donations. Is/would it be possible to set up multiple crowdfounding buttons rather than only one?
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  5. Bakertoons

    Bakertoons 4-Stripe White Belt

    Speaking from experience, about 3 pages a week is good.

    I think updating daily might be overwhelming to some, especially for longer works. Although if it's a newspaper strip format, daily isn't bad.
  6. Aron Mason

    Aron Mason Blue Belt

    i have done daily updates and its lots of work with little reward ( but that just might be my comic)
  7. Infected Blood

    Infected Blood Blue Belt

    More useful questions, thanks!

    Our goal is to allow for two maybe three ads show where the Patreon button is so the creator can upload something in all the slots and the will rotate randomly through each impression :)

    @Bakertoons That's been my indirect experience, too. I've seen many authors complaining about wasting time on daily releases.

    @Aron Mason It's really not your comic. It's just a strategy that apparently never works, as far as I know.
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  8. inkorporate

    inkorporate White Belt

    I would definitely go the mirroring way. You're saying WA will be funded with ad revenue. How will that work with mirrored comic? Ads in the control bar on top?
    I would recommend a feature for readers. Be able to choose what kind of comics you are interested in. Let's say I just want to see sci-fi comics. Everytime I open it only sci-fi would be shown. A lot of filters would be useful for readers. Like completed stories, Updated frequently, Number of pages...
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  9. kabocha

    kabocha White Belt

    Ah, good to know! Hopefully that's updated soon -- I think there's a couple of functions in PHP which can help out with that (but of course ymmv depending on what you're doing and what languages are in play). I'll keep it in mind when I set up stuff on WA, though.

    Thank you very much for answering all my questions -- good info to have. ;3
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  10. Infected Blood

    Infected Blood Blue Belt

    Hi Inkorporate, thanks a lot for your questions and the feature suggestion :) Let me reply below:
    The mirrored comics will have a modified top banner where we will put a leaderboard ad so that it doesn't intrude with the main site.

    With that being said, that is still subject to change but one thing is certain, it will be the minimum to ensure the site remains unaffected.

    As for the recommendation based on genre, it is definitely something we want to do. We realize that all genres doesn't appeal to everyone so the more we can customize the recommendations, the more comics will be able to get discovered and admire by the right people.

    It is something that is in the works. It may not be done with the release but it will be in an early update. If we can squeeze it in, we will definitely do it. We will keep you posted!

    @kabocha You are very welcome! We will do our best about what you brought up around passwords :) We will look for the best possible option!
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  11. Donathin Frye

    Donathin Frye Purple Belt

    I've been working hard behind the scenes this summer, and so I've been a little quiet since the Tapas TOS incident. However! I've been quietly watching this unfold for a while, with great interest. One question and one comment.

    Question: will the WA pages be embeddable onto other sites? (and, as a follow up, will sharing the pages on social media be as attractive and marketable as Tapas/etc)? The importance of sharing is straight-forward, but I could see a lot of value in a platform that allows you to embed it onto your own site as a means to consolidate creator time and energy.

    Comment: @Infected Blood -- I'm super proud of the work you're doing on this. In the face of what happened to Tapas over the past year or two, seeing folks come together and work towards a better and more empowered community is really heartwarming for me. Thank you.
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  12. Infected Blood

    Infected Blood Blue Belt

    @Donathin Frye Well, am I ever happy and humbled by your comment - thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I'm also very proud of what we are accomplishing and I can't wait for the platform to launch.

    About your question, I'm a little puzzled, could you perhaps make an example of what you mean by embedding a WA page on another website? Not sure I'm following, sorry.

    As for sharing the page on social media, we have buttons for that (see examples on the very first post of this thread) and the post will have a beautified preview of the page for sure :)
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  13. Donathin Frye

    Donathin Frye Purple Belt


    So, even though I don't update at Tapas, I recently became aware of a new feature of theirs ... you can create an embed code for a page/episode that you can then paste onto your own website to basically embed your appearance/navigate onto that site.

    With all of the customization options available to users through WA, an embed code generator like that would be pretty useful to folks like me, looking to find ways to save time and work more efficiently.
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  14. Infected Blood

    Infected Blood Blue Belt

    @Donathin Frye Got it, thanks for the clarification, now I understand. Our current system doesn't have an embedded system for the time being. That doesn't mean we will not create one in a future update.

    However our goal is to be able to take care of all technical and hosting requirements from the artists so you can focus on making great comics.

    For those who want to use their own site, we are offering a mirroring feature that will somewhat help promote your website and help get it discovered.

    But for the time being, there is no embedded system, yet it can be something we add in the near future.
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  15. Infected Blood

    Infected Blood Blue Belt

    Hello again, CBH forum! Did you hear about Tread's World Tour?
    Our WA mascot is roaming the world, so why not inviting him to a location that's dear to you? It could be an actual place or somewhere in your fictional world! You may find the complete instructions, along with templates, on WA's Facebook page.

    This is a great opportunity for extra visibility of creators and their comics, so don't miss out :)
  16. Captain Ufo

    Captain Ufo White Belt

    This is great, my two cents on this topic: many sites only allow to mark one genre per comic, and that's troubling because almost no series ever is one gernre only. In my case, Captain Ufo is sci-fi, but then again it's also comedy with some dramatic moments and a good amount of action. I can see why letting people check whatever they want leads to exploitations and makes the genre classification useless, but in my opinion creators should be allowed to check up to three genres for their series.
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  17. Aron Mason

    Aron Mason Blue Belt

    agreed, three would be good mine is a drama but also crime / teen/ action /domestic (so i have a range)
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  18. Infected Blood

    Infected Blood Blue Belt

    @Captain Ufo and @Aron Mason We share your same thoughts!

    TWC already allows for up to 3 genre per comic since most comic don't necessarily fit into a single category.

    Because of the partnership with TWC, WA will offer the same option of being part of up to 3 genre categories :)
  19. Kayla S.

    Kayla S. White Belt

    Just heard about this recently! It seems like a really interesting platform.

    I am also a creator coming in with an enormous buffer (200 pages and counting), so my biggest question is: Will there be a scheduling option? (This is very, very important to me, lol)

    Aaand, I don't think I saw it mentioned, but what will the categories and search function be like? A lot of places allow you to search by genre, but I think it would be pretty cool to search by format as well (long form, short story, oneshot, comic strip, etc.). It could be a checkbox in addition to genre maybe? I think it would be helpful to the readers who may be in the mood for one type of story or another.
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  20. Infected Blood

    Infected Blood Blue Belt

    Hey Kayla, thank you for your questions and your interest in WA! :)

    Yes there will be a scheduling feature in order to best support creators as we fully understand the importance of maintaining a schedule.

    As for the search, we will launch Webcomic Avenue with the same categories available on Topwebcomics. With that being said we will be adding a lot more as we progress.

    The search function will work via genre but also based on tags that are set up by the creators.

    As of right now we don't have the option of selecting the comic type such as long form or such but it is a good idea. We will be sure to pass it along to see if and when we could add it in an early update.
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