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Webcomic Avenue - I am here to help :)

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@Infected Blood will there be a means (paypalme, kofi etc) to tip/support Webcomic Avenue should we wish?
Hi there! That is very generous of you but for the time being, although your donations are appreciated, we would rather see the funds go to support your favorite artists.

However, with that being said, Webcomic Avenue will be launching a Kickstarter in the following days in order to gather a marketing budget that can be used to promote the Webcomic community.

I can't offer too many details at this point but it's a game changer. We'll have more details shortly.
What is the status of Webcomic Avenue? Are they still planning to launch on January 1st?
Yes, second this. All sounds really exciting - are there any updates?
Hi, I am very sorry about vanishing into thin air! Real life stuff happened and I also had to take down and redo my website, so that took a toll on me :(

But enough about me, and let's get to WA - yes, there are updates! Below is the latest post from WA Facebook's page:

Hello Everyone!

When we first announced the anticipated launch of Webcomic Avenue, we had aimed to have it all done and released by January 1st, 2018. Needless to say, we will not be able to meet this date.

Webcomic Avenue is designed to become the ultimate publishing platform to help webcomics of all size get discovered through fair and impartial mechanisms. Along with all of our neat features, we have always striven for a greater user experience. These values will never change!

As we progressed in our development, we identified many improvement opportunities to allow for a much better flow and easier navigation that is most likely to improve everyone's experience.

In our endeavor for perfection, delays have occurred. We realize that perfection will not be possible but it is our mission to have Webcomic Avenue set up in a way that constant improvements can be added in a timely fashion.

As we finalize our final improvements, we appreciate your continued patience. We believe it will all be for the greater good!

We will be able to announce the dates for the Beta Testing real soon so please continue to follow our progress and as always, let's continue to promote the wonderful work undertaken by the amazing talents within our community!

Personally, I would like to thank you for your continuous interest and for your patience. See you very soon on Webcomic Avenue (and around CBH, as soon as I can take care of the mess that fell upon me) :)
Thank you for the reply. I thought that was probably the case when we hadn't heard anything for such a long time. Sorry to hear about your website problems.