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Webcomic Avenue - Top Web Comics' alternative to Tapastic and Webtoon?

Top Web Comics is launching a new platform, called Webcomic Avenue, as announced on their Facebook page. More news are expected to come, but here's the very basics from their announcement:

We are Webcomic creators as well and we are distressed at the lack of opportunities for many of us who work day after day to have our work of passion shine.

In the last couple of months, we have been designing a new publishing platform for webcomics. This platform has been designed to offer creativity options to creators while offering fair opportunities to those who put in the effort.


Webcomic Avenue will be a stand alone site but it will be partnered with Topwebcomics. The partnership will be set to help webcomics get discovered and to allow Fans an opportunity to help spread the word of their favorite webcomics even more so than before!

For one, Topwebcomics will be cleaned out very soon. This means that any accounts that have been inactive for 2 years will be suspended until the owner returns to Topwebcomics. Right now we have far too many webcomics that no longer exists and it is becoming a detriment to the user experience. Performing this cleaning session will help the performance of the site significantly.

Secondly, any Webcomics who are members of Topwebcomics and also publishes on Webcomic Avenue will start each month with 500 free votes on Topwebcomics providing that they updated their Webcomic Avenue account at least once the month before. This will separate the active users with the non-active users.

This option will allow Artists who are consistent with their updates to gain the additional visibility that they deserve. One might argue the fairness of these free votes but the way we see it, it is fair game as this option is available to everyone!

Furthermore, we wanted to set up Webcomic Avenue in way that the fans are able to offer additional voting options for their favorite webcomics.

Hence the plan to offer the following:

Subscribing to a webcomic will add +5 votes as a one time only per Webcomic Avenue Account to the webcomic on TWC.

Liking a webcomic page or strip will add +1 vote as a one time only per Webcomic Avenue Account to the webcomic on TWC. This is applicable to all webcomic pages or strips.

Sharing a webcomic page or strip on Social Media will add +1 vote as a one time only per Webcomic Avenue Account to the webcomic on TWC.

**Please note that unliking, unsubscribing and reliking and resubscribing will not add in additional votes**

**This also means that binge reading a new webcomic and liking what you read can really help boost a webcomic's TWC performance.**

You can find more info (and give your own opinion directly to TWC) here.

So, what do you think about this initiative?

Now, question:

Does this also include the long form vertical comic format ie. webtoon?

Personally, I've changed to this format over page-turning because I'm no longer printing my work (outside of poster prints or something).

http://www.webtoons.com/en/ <--this is the format I'm talking about.

But, yeah. Exposure for those of us whose heads are being held underwater in lieu of the more popular artists is a welcome breath of fresh air. There are so many platforms out there that do next to nothing to aid in even the slightest promotion for the lower rungs and, personally, I think that's what leads to their ultimate demise. See: Inkblazers.

And it seems to me that front page time is not an unreasonable request OR that difficult. I mean, Smackjeeves has that. Granted, you have to click on the "Latest" tab but, it's there and that's important.

Anyway, I'm interested to see how this pans out. Will be watching for updates.
I'm not super familiar with Top Webcomics but it does seem to be a good place to get discovered? I've been meaning to post on there but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll definitely be checking this out at least.
I'm not super familiar with Top Webcomics but it does seem to be a good place to get discovered? I've been meaning to post on there but haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll definitely be checking this out at least.
Admittedly, this is the first I'm hearing of Top Webcomics, so I'm checking them out now.

My other concern is. Yes, I want as much exposure as I can get right now but...at what point do you have your webcomic on too many sites? I kind of wanted one home for all of my work but...exposure. I don't know. It's confusing.


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Sounds interesting but I'm a bit confused. Is it going to be a new comic host or something like Comic Rocket that's just interconnected with your site? Is this a thing you have to pay for?

But yeah, always like ideas that are supposed to help hidden webcomics be noticed. A shame Tapas is so obsessed with a having a close circle of "big" comics/creators and don't seem interested in pushing the loads of other webcomics that use their site.

Question not related to this: Is it possible to delete a comic on TWC? I'm not deleting Daniel but I have an old comic on there that I don't want there anymore. It seems I can unlist it but it won't let me delete it. >_> Well, from the sounds of things, they might delete it themselves since it's inactive.

Polyak Attila

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My first reaction was that this is kinda disheartening. I'm the author of a webcomic with a growing reader base, as a matter of fact, 2017 August is the first month when Tales of Midgard is stable in the top 100 (hovering between 60-70). This leaves me in a position of either having to put my stuff on Webcomic Avenue for the 500 votes, which would matter greatly for my comic, or going back into the oblivion of the second page or even below that.

Anyways... I am curious as to what they're going to come up with, but so far I can't say I'm a fan of being forced into working with their services.


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It's very nice to see webcomics platform trying their best to refresh the scene, so kudos to TopWebComics (which I don't use because it looks so old I can't stand it - yeah, I'm that shallow sometimes).
I'm convinced we'd really use something new on the hosting side: there's plenty of free platforms to host your webcomic, yet they all offer the same pack, headed towards earning money. I love that this seems to be headed towards building an audience! It's kinda hard, and other platforms don't really help. Having rewards for interacting can be appealing to readers, and can be a refreshing breath for long run comics expecially. You know, it's easier to comment and share on a funny strip rather than on "page 20 of this long story that you don't know when will end"
Update from the Facebook page

Publishing a webcomic requires hard work and dedication. Despite the numerous hours it requires to make your comic, you also have to manage your publishing tasks as well as your social obligations. Together, it takes a lot of your time but for many of us, it is worth every minute of it! Heck, who needs sleep!

With Webcomic Avenue, we wanted to find a way to make the publishing system easier on the artist. Therefore, we do have it set up as easy as clicking browse and selecting your comic page from a file just like it is done on a few other platform. For us, this is a key factor that simplicity must remain present at all time. We're not going to reinvent the wheel if the wheel is already working fine....

When publishing your webcomic on Webcomic Avenue, you will bee able to upload horizontal comic strips, four panel comic strips, long form strips, or regular comic pages. We will do our best to support your need.

As for motion comic, that is still something that we are looking into.

With that being said, our goal is to keep things simple in order to give more time to the creators to do what they do best - CREATE. We want to take much of the technical requirements away from your to do list if possible.

In a sense, this is pretty much done by other platforms. You create an account and off you go.

However, unlike the other platforms, Webcomic Avenue will allow for a far greater customization of your account.

This means that you will be able to upload custom made navigation buttons. When a Webcomic publishes on their own website, the creator possesses the ability to customize most of the look of their own site. We want to bring some of that flexibility to Webcomic Avenue.

Therefore, may it be the color of your background, your social media icons, the comic navigation buttons, etc; can be customized to fit your brand.

With that being said and in the spirit of simplicity, the location of the buttons will remain consistent with the chosen layout. This way, updating your buttons will be as simple as pressing browse and selecting your file to upload. We will strive to improve on this customization as we progress with time.

In the event that you do NOT have the time to customize your account - you will be able to keep the default or choose from pre-existing options to help you be on your way.....or even temporary if you so choose.

In a sense, you could compare it to a similarity to the old MySpace system....I dont like to make that comparison but something similar....

So this is what we have in store for publication.....

Now we cannot talk about publication without addressing the elephant in the room....Creators with their own site. Many of you have voiced your concern about our visibility plan in regards to the Topwebcomics points.

It is a valid concern and it is something that we did consider. This is why we will be implementing a mirroring feature on Webcomic Avenue. What does this mean?

Well, you can just create an account, add in the URL of your website and Webcomic Avenue will re-direct all traffic back to your site. Webcomic Avenue will continue to monitor your internal likes from its members, bookmark read pages without taking away from your site's traffic. This way, you get to continue to monetize your own site, and simply have to update your site, avoiding duplication of the work.

Webcomics who links their own website will be eligible to gain the 500 free votes at the beginning of the month as well as per the same rules for those using the publishing feature on Webcomic Avenue. All likes and shares will also grand additional points to your Topwebcomics account using this system.

We strongly believe in keeping things simple. We want to see creators create so that's what we are trying to do. Regardless of the platform that you use.

Do you have any comments or questions? Please comment below or send us a private message. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Tune in Tomorrow as we talk about more features for Webcomic Avenue and how we plan on making ourselves different from the other platform.

But for now, we have our commitment to simplicity, fairness for all and our advanced visibility plan to unify Topwebcomics with Webcomic Avenue.

This is all very exciting for us and we hope you will join us on this bandwagon of unification .... One Community Under One Dream!
I also like the mirroring option - a whole lot. It would help people with their own website getting traffic where they actually want it, right? Personally, I pay almost 400 bucks a year to keep my website up and running, and my effort is always to direct readers there. I actually can't wait to stop mirroring all over the place - it's exhausting!
It was sounding only halfway good to me until the mention of the mirroring feature, but with that, it sounds like it ought to be a really useful thing for comic creators -- at least, until it gets as swamped with comics as TWC currently is. That should take a while, though!


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Yeah, the sample layouts shown on Twitter makes this look pretty good.

I might switch over to there from Tumblr if it checks out. Will be keeping my eyes on it.