What Conventions Do You Attend?

Discussion in 'Comic Discussion' started by Kevin Pass, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Kevin Pass

    Kevin Pass White Belt

    Simple enough question. What cons do you go to? What are your must attend conventions? Are there any you only go to as a buyer/seller?

    For myself I can't attend many cons in the year as I only work part time so my savings are more focused on other things. Also if I can attend without having to book a hotel room is a major plus. As such cons have to be close enough that I can get there by one train and walk there or at a push an additional bus/tram ride.

    These are U.K conventions.
    I tend to go to MCM Manchester more as a reason to get out than for the con itself. I'm a fan of Manga and Anime which is the main focus of MCM:M so I'm not just walking aimlessly around and do tend to leave with at least something in my bag. The comic village is small which is disappointing but it does still allow me to take any creators there off my list to visit at the other con I go to.

    Thought Bubble in Leeds. This is the only other con I go to and is a fantastic place. It is a comic book convention with tons of table full of indie creators. I first attended about 5 years ago while at uni and have been every year since. Every time I come back from there I just want to start creating comics which is what I think we all want from a convention. That drive to keep at it and motivation to create. It's moving this year from its usual spot by the Royal Armouries to around the Town Hall.

    I hope to attend as an exhibitor next year now that I actually have a comic to show off. Hopefully the gods of curation will be kind to me.

    So tell me. What cons do you attend?
  2. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    MCM London and Manchester, Thought Bubble, Majikkon and Huddersfield Comic Con. All offered something different.
  3. yondoloki

    yondoloki White Belt

    I've only ever been to cons in Denmark as of they, and they are pretty small and noboy here probably knows them, but here goes:

    I have attended J-popcon (biggest manga/anime convention in the Nordic countries as they say themselves) every year the past ten years. First couple of years as regular attendee, and after that I've been volunteering and helping out (you get free sleep hall and con ticket, so that's a pretty sweet deal to say the least). Next time however I am planning at getting my first Artist Alley table with a friend, so I'm stepping up in the world! Probably just with a sketchbook and try and get enough commisions to cover the ticket, but you gotta start somewhere ^^

    I've also attended Genki-con for about 6-7 years as volunteer, but it's a very small convention, nothing much to speak of, and since Comiccon will get a Copenhagen version I want to go there instead next year.
  4. GoldenPlume

    GoldenPlume White Belt

    So far we've attended San Diego Comic Con, Sundial Bridge Comic Con, and SacAnime.

    Comic Con we went as a staff reporter for a game company. Having those credentials was really nice because you didn't have to wait in line! We were on the job but we also did a lot of buying. All the others we've attended as a publisher looking for talent but we purchase as well. One time we really supported a lot of artists in Artist Alley at Sac Anime and spent a large sum of money on fanart. The last time we didn't buy anything out of principle due to how poorly SacAnime staff treated us when trying to work with them (staff refused to return any of our emails and denied all of our panel requests). We still looked for talent though.

    We are next scheduled to go to San Francisco Comic Con as a publisher. We're on three panels (!) and will be attending their "Creator Connection" in order to look for talent.
  5. Rob McMonigal

    Rob McMonigal White Belt

    When I lived on the East Coast US: Heroes, Baltimore Comic-Con, and SPX were the can't miss shows. Also went to MoCCA but picked the wrong year. Also went to Locust Moon in Philly, but I'm not sure that's still going.

    Now that I'm out on the West Coast US: Rose City Comic-Con and Short Run are my only two regular shows. Linework NW is on hiatus, sadly. I went to SDCC this year, since we were Eisner nominated, and it was actually more comics-centric than I'd expected. Also been to ECCC once and thought it was great.
  6. Bakertoons

    Bakertoons 4-Stripe White Belt

    I've been going to numerous different cons, mostly in the East coast. Basically, I'm trying out different cons to see what works best.

    My next con is Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. This one I'm particularly excited for, since it took me several years to finally get a space there.
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  7. Zoe

    Zoe 4-Stripe White Belt

    I try to visit the bigger local conventions - Glasgow Comic Con, MCM Glasgow and Edinburgh Comic Con (UK, Scotland).
    I had tickets for Thought Bubble last year, but the person who was supposed to drive me bailed last minute and train tickets cost my kidney. I hope I'm able to visit this or next year though.
  8. Rob McMonigal

    Rob McMonigal White Belt

    I have a feeling that show will go very well for you, based on your stuff. Saw you were attending, so that review I owe you will go up as part of our SPX Spotlight series, which is a site tradition!
  9. Bakertoons

    Bakertoons 4-Stripe White Belt

    Oooh, awesome! Sounds good, Rob.
  10. The biggest one I go to is Megacon in Orlando. There are a few smaller cons in my city (Jacksonville), but I haven't gone to them a lot. There's Collective Con, but that is a real hit or miss. I've been told about a con called Wasabi con. I might check that out.

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