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Discussion in 'Community' started by Shaneoid, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. hushicho

    hushicho 4-Stripe White Belt

    I liked the original Crystal Chronicles a great deal, although I didn't like FF12 or Wind Waker at all -- I did like some of the characters in 12 though, and the visuals for Wind Waker, even if I couldn't appreciate the rest. I hope whatever you choose, you'll enjoy it a whole lot! :)

    I especially love the soundtrack for Crystal Chronicles! It's so gorgeous and evocative.
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  2. Infected Blood

    Infected Blood Blue Belt

    I'm playing Mass Effect: Andromeda very slowly and, sadly, with much boredom so far :(
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  3. Cleo-San

    Cleo-San Blue Belt

    Well Crystal Chronicles will be new to me =)

    But either way, it looks like it's that or Wind waker, since the PS3 is still on repair u_u *sigh* (If it were there I'd totally finisch Persona 5 first, which is REALLY epic so far! <3)
  4. Purrl Pankras

    Purrl Pankras White Belt

    I just finished Dragon Quest 5 again...

    MALUSPUELLA White Belt

    I'm about halfway or so through Prey. I have ano irrational fear of coffee mugs now.
  6. I realize I'm like, very late, to the party on this but OMG you're playing CO? Did you by any chance play City of Heroes/Villains then? One of my all-time favourite games! I might've shed a little tear when that got taken down by it's evil Korean overlords...

    As for what I'm playing right now... I'm juggling Nier: Automata while trying to master the Supergirl character of Injustice 2! And now that I've been to see Wonder Woman I'm feeling inspired to try out her character more too! ^_^
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  7. Yes... this was a very sad affair... The Mass Effect series is one of my all-time greats with multiple playthroughs.
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  8. Donathin Frye

    Donathin Frye Purple Belt

    I had a similar experience with Andromeda. At one point, I stopped, restarted with a new character, and decided to only do the quests that felt urgent and fun. I kicked up the difficulty to max, stayed focus on the storyline and the characters, and had a lot of fun! (comparable to the original Mass Effect, I'd say)

    The really frustrating thing for me in Andromeda were the crazy amount of pointless fetch quests. That stuff killed the story's momentum for me, as the ratio of time I spent doing fun things that mattered, to going on intergalactic beer runs, was not good. But when I played the game and skipped the beer runs and turned off my completionist brain, it really was rather a good start of a new Mass Effect story.

    As for what I'm playing ...

    I'm about to dive into Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 3. Beyond shorter adventure titles, though, I might just be doubling down on D&D ... at least, until Cyberpunk 2077 is unleashed.
  9. I feel like Andromeda took too much from Dragon Age: Inquisition. At least with the stuff I didn't like. Like the aforementioned fetch quests... Inquisition was a good game, though I never finished it, but there's lots I would've changed about it if it were up to me.

    Me and my wife played and were super into Walking Dead Season 1, but we fell off the Telltale games after playing through Fables: Wolf Among Us. We liked it, but felt that it was a bit too samey. We really did want to find out what happened after the events of TWK Season 1 though.

    Also, yes! Cyberpunk 2077 caught my eye after I first got in contact with the Witcher series with part III of those games. I still love that game to death and I hope they can deliver an experience as engrossing again! ^_^
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  10. Anna Landin

    Anna Landin Purple Belt

    I'm still working on Dragon Age: Origins and Breath of the Wild because I am the world's slowest gamer, but I recently downloaded itch.io's desktop app and have been wandering around trying out the small, free indie games available on the platform and am having a good ol' time.

    Some of them are demos, and some are - even fully finished - ~10 minutes long, but I enjoy taking small breaks and being able to finish a whole game in that space of time. Also, a lot of these games let me do one of the things I enjoy most in games; wander around in a fictional space poking at things and exploring.

    While I haven't played any of the ME-games, this is what nearly killed my playthrough of Xenoblade Chronicles - it's at least what made me put down the controller once, and then restart from scratch months later.

    Xenoblade is a really solid game, with good battle mechanics, a cool setting, an interesting plot and a really good cast (it has female characters who are genuinely friends with each other! even though two of them are in love with the same dude! female friendship! <3).

    Xenoblade ALSO has 400+ sidequests. Some of them are relevant to the plot, some of them are small storylines in themselves, letting you help NPCs solve problems or shift their relationships with one another, etc. And a big ol' chunk of them are kill-x-number-of-beasts or pick-up-x-number-of-randomly-generated-collectible. Being the completionist nut that I am, I had a VERY hard time moving forward when I knew there were sidequests I hadn't completed.

    I managed to do it somehow, though, and thoroughly enjoyed the game when it wasn't asking me to please go pick up 15 pretty rocks from the shoreline.
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  11. DLF

    DLF Blue Belt

    I finally got through the last Divine Beast in Breath of the Wild. There's still a few sidequests and things I want to do before storming the castle but yeah, I'm in my own personal twilight hours for this game. Kinda bittersweet honestly...
  12. yondoloki

    yondoloki White Belt

    I've started playing Assassins Creed II again. I don't care much for the story, but jumping around the rooftops and finding those damn feathers are immensely meditative I find ^^
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  13. Tait

    Tait 4-Stripe White Belt

    I recently played The Wolf Among Us. I'm a huge fan of Fables, so I enjoyed that.

    I'm super stoked that Atlus finally announced Etrian Odyessy V for North America! I'm still trying to get 100% completion in the previous games, have been dabbling in Etrian Mystery Dungeon again as well.
  14. Jonny Aleksey

    Jonny Aleksey White Belt

    I've been having less and less time to play games since last year but I try to make some time (or else I'll go insane). I've been playing FF15 since Christmas (and I'm not even halfway done), though I just got a Switch and just started Breath of the Wild. I'm not used to the new style yet compared to the previous Zeldas I've played but it's still really good.
  15. AnitaComics

    AnitaComics 4-Stripe White Belt

    I'm a cheap ass so I just bought Pokemon Moon and I'm incredibly satisfied. It's still pokemon, which is good, but it's also very 2017 which is also good. I loved all the storyline bits of the introduction - they finally make sense!
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  16. DLF

    DLF Blue Belt

    I really liked Pokemon Moon. The changes to the Pokemon formula were a real nice change of pace. I really enjoyed a lot of the new designs too. Mudsdale is already one of my favorite Pokemon.
  17. TheAfterglow

    TheAfterglow White Belt

    The small point and click game Machinarium is the gem I'm currently enjoying. It really is wonderful and worth a few hours of your time. x
  18. BrushBandit

    BrushBandit White Belt

    DnD, Dragon Age, Witcher, and Elder Scrolls. I love RPGs xD
  19. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, Rocket League and Brawlhalla atm. Just finished Horizon Zero Dawn.
  20. Tait

    Tait 4-Stripe White Belt

    Thanks to the Steam Summer Sale I've been playing Final Fantasy IX and Darkest Dungeon. Really enjoying both so far.

    I've never played past the first couple hours of FFIX before, so I'm looking forward to finally seeing the whole thing.

    I also did a play through SUPERHOT. That was interesting.

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