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What Games Are You Playing?


4-Stripe White Belt
My wife got me Injustice 2 (PC) for Christmas. I've been having fun with that and can't wait for the TMNT to be added!

Just for the heck of it I made a guild. ID: VJTWF Join and play along if you like!
Just got FF12 today. I might crack it open this weekend, or I might wait til I finish Ch 2 of my webcomic- that way, I have a LOT more time to play...


4-Stripe White Belt
I'm playing Super Mario Odyssey (while on the elliptical omg it works so well), Animal Crossing New leaf (got for Christmas), Pokemon Ultra Moon, Puzzles & Dragons Mario Edition, and Ever Oasis. I want some more colony like games (like animal crossing and ever oasis) thinking about maybe getting Fantasy Life or Stardew Valley?


4-Stripe White Belt
I just got a PS4 with the VR stuff for Xmas, so I've been playing VR Worlds, which is fantastic. Danger Ball is so much fun! I also had a go at The Playroom VR - Robot Rescue needs to be made into a full game, those little fellas are adorable.

I've also been playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (non-VR), as I watched friends play it quite a lot, loved the storyline, and now I'm so excited to play it myself.
Im Not a gamer anymore, left gaming for more than 15 yeras now, but I recently purchased Batman Telltale and L.A. Noir. I don’t game much cause i end up not having time to work on comics :p