Where The Wolves Are - Magic! Werewolves! Lesbians!

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    Hello! My name's Samn and I'm the creator of Where The Wolves Are, a free-to-read webcomic.


    Four girls (well, three girls and a fairy) living in the lazy seaside city of Brighton are growing up and having to find their feet, and their place in the local supernatural community. But Eebs, their pack member and good friend has gone missing! Is it a hook up gone wrong or something more sinister? With the adults busy attempting to ward off a war it’s up to the girls to buck up and find their friend themselves.

    Read for free on Tumblr here!

    Or get the pages a day early by pledging to my Patreon

    You can also keep track of updates on Twitter and Facebook!

    Thanks for reading!
    If you're not sold yet, here's some pages from the prologue to try and tempt you ;)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I hope you like it! Here's the link again! http://wherethewolvesare.co.uk/
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    Looking good @Screaming Rat. You post got a TON of attention in the collab section too. People messaging me about it!
  3. Screaming Rat

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    Thank you! I've been answering messages about the collab this morning, v exciting :0

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