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Woodlands Webcomic (weekly fantasy webcomic with satyrs)

Hi All!
My girlfriend (Sam) and I recently started a new webcomic called Woodlands.


"Woodlands is a webcomic about Edwyn, a wide-eyed satyr whose overconfidence leads to the poisoning of his best friend, Renny, rendering him with an unconventional ailment. Forced from their small wooded village, the two must traverse the harrowing road in search of Cashel, Edwyn’s grandfather, as he is the only one skilled enough to craft a cure. However, time is not on their side as an unusual spike in dark magic has made the world at large ever more dangerous. With nothing but Edwyn’s minor magical ability and Renny’s quick thinking, the two must uncover the root of the dark magic and find a cure before all is lost."


We both write and illustrate it together. You can check it out on Webtoons, the Woodlandscomic website or on Tumblr.
You can also follow us on Twitterand Facebook. We'd love to know what you think and would really appreciate you subscribing to Woodlands on webtoons or checking out thePatreon (where we post extra content and tutorials on how we create the comic).
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Thanks so much !! <3
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