Worst comic you've ever read?


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As much as every comic is the result of people's hard work, a manifestation of a particular vision and experience is subjective I've seen some stuff that is shockingly bad to me, but the worst thing I've encountered in a long time, possibly ever, was an indie comic I backed on Kickstarter.

So bad I actually immediately regretted backing it instead of something else that was running at the time.

That comic was Transmigrant Interdimensional Taxicab Service, which is in no way as good as that title might infer.

Without a doubt, All Star Batman & Robin.
A book beautiful art and looking at the back cover, it seemed to have a lot of praise but it was then that I noticed no one was talking about the book itself but more like the IDEA of the book; legendary artist Jim Lee teaming up with Frank Miller, the man who revolutionized Daredevil and created one of the best comics of all time? This would be AWESOME!

It wasn't. The story was bad, the characters were unlikable, the timeline of it made absolutely no sense, the dialogue at times was repetitive. I couldn't understand how they could screw up a Batman origin story...but they did. It made me wonder who editing this and why they didn't stop it? Did they not read it or did they think, "This is Frank Miller! I can't tell him his Batman story sucks. Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm seeing something bad when in reality it's actually great. Yeah, that's it. In 5-10 years, this is going to be a new classic, like Batman: Year One."

I thought ASBAR & the rest of the All Star brand was going to be DC's answer to Marvel's Ultimate line-up.

Not even close.

All Star Batman & Robin may not only be the worst comic I've ever read, but the worst story in any medium I've ever read.
I don't think I've read a comic and went "This is horrible" before. I tend to sniff out the good stuff more often than not or at worst it's more 'this didn't grab me as I had hoped'.

I'd guess the "worst" was robots vs zombies from IDW. It just wasn't for me and Ashley Woods art though amazing and unique just made the book a chore and difficult to read. But it still had its good parts.

Kickstarters are the worst culprits. One KS Airship Enterprise (Steampunk Star Trek whats not to like) looked amazing with beautiful art but when I read it, it was disjointed. It had a publisher and was given 4 issues but when you read it you can tell where the other 2 issues worth of content should have been. Plot points just left hanging while others are resolved within a page. Frustrating.

Another called Bloodthristy had a great idea but they had to switch artists halfway through the book because the writer was shopping it around publishers and so when it got picked up the artist had other commitments so another had to come in. But the art style was such a contrast to the first it just pulled me out of it and I couldn't get back in.


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Kickstarters are the worst culprits. One KS Airship Enterprise (Steampunk Star Trek whats not to like) looked amazing with beautiful art but when I read it, it was disjointed.
I remember getting that book too, as I recall the art was great but the story was pretty much utterly forgettable and incoherent.


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I remember reading a yaoi comic on Smackjeeves years ago in which the weens were literally drawn the way kids scrawl weens on desks/walls/notebooks. I couldn't breathe for laughing, it was meant to be a super srs sex scene :')


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I don't remember the name and title, but it was an italian comic narrating the story of heavy metal bands. It was horribly drawn, and worst of all, the dialogues where splitted THE WRONG WAY! You know when lettering, if you don't have enough space in a panel, you split the text when there's a comma, or a stop? Well, they didn't. They just put suspension dots in the middle of the damn sentence, so the reader could always been confused about how to read it. It wasn't even translated, so they actually decided it was the best way.

I received it as a gift by a close friend, but still couldn't have the hearth to keep it with me when I moved, so now it's lost in the warp.
One More Day is bad, though the recent stuff isn't too great either. The fact that Peter Parker is working at the Daily damn Bugle again as an adult proves Satan is real and he hates me........a lot.

Speaking of Marvel, Civil War 2 was the event comic that finally disillusioned me to event comics. There was just so much nothing happening for a long time, and walls of text. I especially hated how it treated Captain Marvel, a character I did and still do like, but has been f***ed in recent years (still excited for the movie). I don't think I'll be getting event comics for a long time.

I also collected a lot of Sonic comics as a kid/teen. I still love the series but man, some of those 90's issue are horrendous. (RIP Sonic Archie. Miss ya.)

@JunkMonkey And thank you for showing me this site. It's beautiful.