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Writer and Artist Seeking Colors For OCTRTA

Hello, I"m Mike Lynch of Aries Comics. https://ariescomics.com/

You also may recognize me from the Vilified Anthology, I wrote the story "The Classics". I'm a bit late but I've put together an outline for myself and team so I'd like to begin looking for an team.

My story is called " Down". To summarize (from my outline document.) " A former soldier of a now conquered land engages in a deadly prize fight with a former enemy of war. Lying down bloodied on the mat, the past and his people rush through his wrangled mind and beckon him to put is life in fate’s hands once more."

I plan on using 'Fantasy' as a setting, imagine a D&D or Pathfinder setting but with less Wizard's Guild and more Authoritarian regimes. It ended up as an extension of some unreleased fantasy writing I've done. I'm looking forward to working with someone to help flesh out the looks of the characters and setting.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this! ~ Mike .L.
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Happy to announce I've recruited Javiera Argandoña for art duties for 'Down'! We've worked together before which you can check out on my website Over Here

Still actively looking for a dedicated colorist or letterer for the project!