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    Hi everyone!

    My name's Julian, I've been in a few anthologies like Alterna's IF Anthology (2016) and more recently Comicbookcollabs/Stache Publishing's Ever Afterward anthology. Would love to be a part of this one too.

    I've also got a webcomic called Littlelight Asylum, you can check it out here. Here's my website.

    Looking to team up with an artist and I'm also up to join another team as a colorist.

    The story I have is a horror/comedy called Devil, Devil and it's about a demon that never wanted to be evil and just wants help others with his best friend, a human DJ with a robotic arm.
    The short's about them saving a little girl from another demon. Has possession, body horror and of course some goofs and gags.

    You can read the script here!

    You can message me here or email me- jdom7474@gmail.com
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