Writer/Editor looking for Artist for OCTRA

Discussion in 'Collaboration Forum' started by jdboucher0, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. jdboucher0

    jdboucher0 White Belt

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is JD Boucher and I'm a freelance comic writer and editor.

    Would anyone be interested in collaborating in a submission for the fantasy OCTRA?

    I'd be able to:
    • Help letter and pre-press the pages in additon to acting as an editor for the whole process
    • Work with you to create a pitch centered around what you like to draw
    • Be happy to answer any questions I can about working in the industry.
    I'm excited to start being a part of the Comic Book Hour community!
  2. JamieMe

    JamieMe Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome :) sharing this on the Twitter account!
  3. jdboucher0

    jdboucher0 White Belt

    Awesome, thanks Jamie!

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