Writer looking for an OCTRA artist interested in mermaids or drag queens

Hey there ComicBookHour people! I’ve been a long-time lurker and I’d love to get involved with the upcoming OCTRTA anthology.

I have a couple ideas to toss out and I’d love to develop one with the right artist.

The first story would be a fight between mermaids and an evil pirate, at least “On The Surface.” In reality, they’re all performers in the fantasy zone at a Disneyland-like theme park. One of the mermaids faces a crisis of confidence until she remembers the joy she brings by playing into the fantasy. This story would be more on the melancholic side of things, something with limited dialogue.

A second idea is for a comic partially inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race. A small troupe of modern-day drag queens are thrown out of their element and transported to a fantasy world where their atypical skills help them save the day by serving up “Medieval Fantasy Realness.” (I’m open to a different time or region or type of fantastical world if there’s some specific period or world-type you’ve always wanted to draw.)

About me: I’m Drew. I like chicken wings and Love and Rockets and classic Dr. Strange comics. Most of my published work is in criticism: I spent several years as a critic in college with an emphasis on theatre and television and live music. I have several other sample comic scripts available here so you can get a taste of my writing style.

I’m also proficient in lettering and competent at coloring so I can do those if needed, but I’m always up for collaborating! I’d be open to working with any interested creators.

Let me know if you’d be interested in collaborating on one of these ideas. You can reach me through a PM here or at dswritescomics@gmail.com