Writer Looking for Artist For Human and Animal Teamup story!

Discussion in 'Collaboration Forum' started by Nawdir, Dec 6, 2017.

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    So, I'm currently working on a 30 page comic that will be released in February 2018. (It's pretty much done..I'm just sitting on it.) I am the writer and letterer of it. I'm just getting into creating comics, but I am enjoying the process a lot! I can provide samples of lettering/the project I am working on, on request! I am currently looking to form a team with an artist for this anthology. :)

    The Title is REVOLUTION!


    A few years after the pigs took over Animal Farm, humans are re-introduced as slaves to the pigs whim. They, along with the rest of the animals of the farm are whipped, and forced to work in terrible conditions. One night, during the animal’s regular night meeting in the barn, humans decided to take part, and suggested overthrowing the pigs, and retaking the farm. Will the animals be willing to help their previous oppressors? Will the plan work?

    I made sure to finish the script before making this post. I'm all about finishing projects!

    I really like how it turned out. I can provide the script on request...don't want to just post here. Again, the script is complete!

    Let me know if anyone is interested!
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  2. JamieMe

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    Welcome :) posted this up on the Twitter!
  3. Nawdir

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    Thanks so much! I'll be watching the tweet to see if anyone responds! :)
  4. Nawdir

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    Removed the script :)
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  5. Zoe

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    Hey there!
    If you are still looking for an artist, I'd be glad to collaborate! I read the script and I love it.
    I previously made a post in here where you can see sample of my work. Feel free to message me here or on Twitter if you are interested. :)

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