Writer Looking for Artist for Villified Collab and Beyond

Hi all!

I'm a writer, and I'm looking for an artist to collab with for Vilified. I hope you put on your story pitch pants this morning, because here's one right here:

Beloved, masculine hero Red Man has disappeared. His absence will cause havoc, so his team needs a replacement, fast. They do find one, and the new Red Man is just as good as the original one--maybe even better. The hook, though? Well, Red Man might not be so accurate anymore.

I have the script for this one done and ready to go for anybody who's interested. You can respond here, but I'm also more reachable at my email: cat.mesure@yahoo.com

Also, I'm looking to collaborate on a number of other things with anyone who's looking to make connections or come up with some portfolio fodder. I write a lot of horror/gore, and love to explore the human experience and how people navigate their relationships and the battles in their own heads.
We can work on something original, something I've already written, or work on something for an anthology or contest. If anyone's interested, shoot me an email.