Writer looking for artist, Vilified Pitch : BECAME

Any takers?


Panel one: Medium shot of a man (mid twenties) asleep in a sleeping bag. To his right is an empty bag, unzipped to the bottom.

Panel two: Same medium shot. The man has rolled over to his right. Silver wedding band.

Panel three: Medium shot, zoomed out a bit further. You see more of the inside of the tent. He’s sitting up, confused.

Panel four: Long shot of the black tent in the surrounding emptiness. There’s a stubble of pine trees in the distance, but the panel is engulfed in vast plains of snow. The tent looks like a stain on an otherwise perfect landscape. Single trail of footprints leading off. The man has unzipped the door and is leaning out.


Panel one: Close up shot of drug paraphernalia. Rubber tubing, used needle, a tiny drop of blood. All spilling out of a small hiking backpack.

MAN: Oh god…

Panel two: Close up of a camping hatchet, the man’s right hand around it. Wedding band again. It’s a little too big for him. Lost weight from stress.

Panel three: Long shot of the man following the footprints into the darkness, hatchet in hand. Tentative.

Panel four: Close up shot of the footprints. Small hiking boots.

Panel five: Shot of the man’s eyes. Open wide in shock.

MAN: No.

Panel six: Close up on the footprints again. There is a set of wolf prints following hers.


Panel one: Long shot. The man is running into the nearby woods. Full sprint, hatchet gripped.

MAN: No. no no no no.

Panel two: Close up of a snarling wolf’s head. All fur and dribble. White teeth, touches of yellow near the gums.

Panel three: Close up on the man. Sweat, desperation. He is up shit creek.

Panel four: Close up on the footprints. There are now two sets of wolf prints following the lady into the woods.

Panel five: Long shot, two wolves on the trail.

Panel six: Long shot, front on. The hatchet is falling from his hand. Facing the reader. Eyes wide again in disbelief.


And now the crescendo: The man is on the edge of the woods, on his knees, looking down in vacant disbelief. Open palms. Hatchet has fallen into the snow. The black pines creep up behind him.

There are three sets of wolf prints leading out into the snow.