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Writer looking for line artist, colorist, and letterer!


White Belt
Hey, Gang. I'm new to the community but tremendously excited by the anthology.

My story is called The Technician. It's a sci-fi story about a technician whose job it is to maintain a machine that keeps an entire generation in a force fed fantasy world. Imagine The Matrix meets Harrison Bergeron.

I am happy to share the full four page script with any inquiries. While you can reach me here, it is easier to get after me either through my email (jarredlujan@hotmail.com) or on Twitter (@jarredlujan). Please include any samples you can!

Quick note for letterers: The story's narrative is told through a letter, so I am looking for a caption style that reflects that.

Thanks to everyone! Looking forward to seeing what you guys have and being a more active member of the community.

P.S., I am always looking for future collaborators and intend to enter several anthologies this year, so if we may not be able to link up this time, trust that I will likely bother you down the line ☺