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    Hello, my name's Wilfred and I'm a writer/sometime letterer. I offer my interest and services for this anthology. The pitch is:

    "A goblin, Ambergris, is the best at what she does, and that's hunting giant creatures. She's just been hired for a job, but has she bit of more than she can handle?"

    The script's not ready yet, but it's coming.

    Below are examples of my writing and some of my lettering.

    Thorn Squadron: This is an ongoing project by the talented Alaire Racicot, Toben Racicot, and Bethany Consoliver. It can be seen at Tapas and Live Webtoon.

    The Traveling Tanuki: I've worked on a short story years ago for /r/comicbookcollabs

    Jacqueline's Kiss: A horror story I wrote and lettered with art by my friend J. Blas.

    The Other Thief: A crime story I wrote and lettered with art by my friend J. Blas. Still working on the final touches of this one.
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    I'm finally done with the script if anyone is interested in collaboration. Also, Happy Thanksgiving for any American reading this thread.

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    An artist has been found in @Shaneoid, who's doing an amazing job. Now we are looking for an inker and colorist.
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