Do you have any NEW YEARS comic goals?


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I thought it would be interesting to see what goals people are setting. Currently, my sole focus is to deliver Kickstarter packages ASAP and at the highest quality possible.


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I've got a full line up for 2018 with lots of graphic novels coming down the pipe. Just going to try give a good send off.
I want to successfully run two kickstarters this year, one in early spring, and one in mid fall. its honestly what i'm most nervous about.

I want to table at least 4 shows this year at minimum. I had to move last year and it totally threw things out of wack for me and I only ended up doing one con in 2017.

I'm currently working on building my YouTube page for my webcomic so that the entire series is up in video format. Right now I have the last few months current episodes up and the first seven episodes. its a tall task but i've faced greater challenges tbh regarding my comics.

-complete R:ILPERSONA Vol. 3's content before June, complete the script for KNIGHT: The Wandering Stars 1st full length graphic novel before March. Lots of creative work to do, which I enjoy more than the other stuff tbh.

and hopefully i can increase my visibility over the course of the year for all of my IPs.


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My big goal is to do a crossover. I'm a sucker for crossovers and it seems like the type of thing that'd be fun. Other than that, I'm looking to improve my art every chance I can. Backgrounds, coloring, anatomy, perspective, I'm trying to work on it all.
First of all- get 100% healthy.

I want get my website built so that I can showcase Ray Thunder there; if I choose to shut it down at sites like Tapas or Webtoon coz they may not be benefiting me anymore, I can choose to do so- instead of feeling trapped. I also want to be able to create a site store and sell my books and other merch there.

I want to table at some smaller local shows, make some(maybe) easy money- which might quell some anxieties toward registering/tabling at the larger shows.

I want to further increase my readership. I want to turn this into some type of financial gain that I can be satisfied with.

I had to move last year and it totally threw things out of wack for me and I only ended up doing one con in 2017.
I feel you. I cancelled doing Anime Weekend Atlanta last year(I was approved for a table) because I thought I was going to be moving. I will be moving sometime this year, but I'll have to see what I'm dealing with.
My goals are:
Complete 8 projects: Mainly the other Lantern Masquerade stories but I have several 4 page ideas knocking around. Also a submission for the new Alterna Comics IF anthology I want to do.

Collab with 4 creators: Not going to include the CBH anthology team-ups here. Hope to hire one or two people to draw a 4 page story. Maybe work with a writer on something as well.

Get printed: With the projects I'm hoping to create I'll be trying to get a collection printed.

Table at a con: This is more luck than anything else but fingers crossed I'll get a table somewhere.
besides continue my carreer as colorist, i want to improve my drawing skills so i can continue my comics. But cant afford to not pay attention to my colors carreer


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My main comic goals are to get the First 3 Issues of Dawn of Unity published under my new Publishing Imprint. Also deciding whether or not to keep DoU as a webcomic since I sell more copies then i have online readers. If i do ...then it will change to being far behind the print versions.
Also another goal is to TAKE MY TIME... i tend to rush a lot to meet deadlines and all, but now i'm getting a chance to take my time and it feels really good. Lastly, to experiment with new elements introduced in my print comics that you don't see anywhere else.
Ok so in 2018 my goals are.

1: Release First Published Comic with Hoard
2: Table at (at least) one UK convention
3: Write at least one new issue / story per month

Keeping it there for now - would be happy to exceed it and get more work out of the door.
Ha, I actually published something like this on my blog, that could sure use more traffic. Whilst I integrate more into the forum...

  • Budget – I'd like to save more money while incorporating ad space into my budget.

  • Spreading the word – I'm trying to spread the word on other comic forums, link it on social media, whatever helps. I’ll be setting up a thunderclap sometime in January, hopefully enough people will join.

  • The Script – I work from 9-5, do errands and workout, and then I have 2-3 hours left to draw or write, with the former usually winning. With any luck, I’ll get more done by the end of the month, but so far only 1 chapter. How did I get so busy?

  • Crowdfunding Grawlix – The Grawlix Content Management System (CMS), the same CMS that powers my online graphic novel and many others, was once run by a small team of coders, two or three people. Due to personal matters, the team has disbanded. The Grawlix CMS is still being hosted, and aside from the homepage, all of the documents and website pages are intact, including the download for the CMS.
    In case the website goes down, you can download the Grawlix CMS here. The point of the crowdfund will be to get funding to hire a team of dedicated coders who can work out the kinks and build off of the original source code linked above. Even if the crowdfund doesn’t get fully funded, it will also raise awareness for coders who would interested in helping out to add this to their portfolio.


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My main goal is to get far enough ahead on pages that I can start my comic back up again. Being on hiatus is annoying, but unfortunately necessary right now due to various things going on in my life. I want to get back to advancing this story as soon as possible though.


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Mine are:
  • Practice the things I've been avoiding because they're hard, i.e. backgrounds/vehicles (!)
  • Get at least one artbook out
  • Get the print version of Chapter Two of 'Sacred?' sorted; re-colour the Prologue and Chapter One with flat greys so it's all consistent; get Chapter Three at least well underway if not finished
  • Complete some shorter projects so I have completed comics in my portfolio (OCTRTA is one!!)