POWER-UP Vilified: The Gowrow of Hemmed-In Hollow

Hi all,

I really love the idea for the Vilified anthology. I have a 4 page story based on Ozark Mountain folklore that needs an artist. My thought was to do something with a Mignola/Powell-esque vibe but I'm open to any style (B&W or color).

If you're interested and would like to see the full script, then please email me at symphorians.comic@gmail.com or hit me up here and let me know where to send the word document.

You can visit symphorians.com or find me @symphorians1 on twitter to see more of what I do.

Here's the pitch:

The Gowrow of Hemmed-In Hollow

Synopsis: The Gowrow is a dragon-like creature from Ozark Mountain folklore. Tales from the hillfolk place the monster at about twenty feet in length, with two long tusks jutting out of its mouth and a short row of horns along its back. The creature supposedly lived in the caves of Northwest Arkansas, where it was blamed for the slaughter of livestock and pets in the late nineteenth century.

This is a story of why the Gowrow lived in those caves and how it came about that the Ozarks were rid of a terrible evil.

Setting: The Ozark Mountains sometime in the first half of the 20th century


The child could be male or female – The majority of the population in NW Arkansas is Caucasian but the ethnicity could be whatever the artist decides.

Granny Henderson – based off of a real individual who was one of the last private property owners to live along the Buffalo River.

The Gowrow – a dragon/alligator-like creature said to roam the Ozarks.

Antagonist: The Devil. Yes, THE Devil.
I was watching a kid show yesterday with my little boy called the jungle bunch, and guess who showed up? I was like Gowrow. I know what that is
Hi @Dreaguns, thanks for the message. This was an interesting project and I'd definitely encourage you to check out the Vilified anthology from JaimeMe's ComicBookHour store: https://gumroad.com/comicbookhour

There are some great stories in there.

As for the Gowrow/Dragon, I did an initial picture with a dark, profile of the creature to give the artist, @Edgardo Granel-Ruiz, some idea of what I was going for.
Screen shot 2018-02-14 at 4.22.46 PM.png
In the end, he came up with this cool Hellboy/Gargoyle-style hybrid creature that I loved (see below).
Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 4.17.19 PM.png
Thanks again for the interest, and good luck with your own 'dragon' (whom I'm sure is quite lovely!)