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What webcomics would you recommend to me? I'm looking for something with a solid story line, but tons of action!
What webcomics would you recommend to me? I'm looking for something with a solid story line, but tons of action!
Hello! My name is Rowyn, and I have a currently ongoing webcomic called Oh Hell, Donna! about a dead punk rocker who comes up to the land of the living for a day off, only to find that she must save the world from an evil cult.

Warnings for violence, some nudity here and there, and it's maybe ideologically sensitive? Still light-hearted, fun, and colorful!
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Most of the backgrounds are analog watercolor, so it's a mixed media comic.

Thanks for checking it out!
Here's some of the ones I'm currently enjoying:

Castoff - Vector has hardly ever left the bookstore where he lives with his adopted mom, due to his pointy ears and glowy eyes tending to weird people out. Until one day when a mage waltzes in, talks to him, and then kidnaps him shortly after. A magical mishap during his escape leads to the two of them getting QUITE lost. Fortunately, they find a navigator who's very eager to help them-- but of course, he's not quite what he seems either.

Grassblades - A grumpy, one-handed samurai rescues a small girl, who refuses to leave his side afterwards. He's very annoyed by this. Really, super annoyed. Doesn't like her. At all. Definitely not. Oh, and there's also some ghosts and demons and magic curses too.

Scurry - Animal adventure, the main characters are mice in a post-apocalyptic setting-- the humans have long since disappeared. A young mouse ends up exiled and trying to rescue his friend, forcing him into a much bigger (and scarier) world. Really excellent artwork.

Plume - [complete] A young woman seeks revenge for the death of her father in a western-inspired adventure.

The Wormworld Saga - a small boy who's always dreamed of adventure wanders into a magical world. The appeal of this one is not in its premise but its execution. Slow release schedule- entire chapters are posted once or twice a year, rather than weekly pages, but GORGEOUS art.

Cucumber Quest - a young boy is deemed the "chosen hero", meant to beat a series of bosses and defeat the Nightmare Knight. He just wanted to go to magic school, but his sword-wielding sister is ALL ABOUT this video-game style quest. Available online + the first four volumes are being published by First Second in 2018.

Shaderunners - A prohibition-style story of smuggling, but the substance the characters are dealing in is color, rather than alcohol.

Shattered Starlight - The trials and tribulations of an ex-magical girl.


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Well I'd throw mine in but I've only just started to have time to work on it again so action sequences...noooot for a few more pages *shot*

But I've really been enjoying monarchical - It's currently on hiatus as things are being revamped but I have solid hopes for it!

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Kill Six Billion Demons pretty well fits what you described in the op. tldr version: girl wants to get laid, instead of that she gets the power to literally rule about one-seventh of the universe showed into her head by the previous almost all mighty ruler of the universe, who want someone who is not a massive a-hole to rule the universe instead of the current rulers who are... Let's just say not really nice people. And she's thrown into the world of demons, because why wouldn't she be?

Miss Melee is less of a fantasy webcomic and more of a superhero one. Miss Melee is a superhero mom living an average life except when she's out on the streets superheroing. She has a loving husband and a daughter, both of whom are deeply involved with her superhero persona without them knowing. Her husband is her mechanic and her daughter is her wannabe sidekick except for the fact that, as any sane mom would want it, Miss Melee want to keep her daughter off the streets fighting crime and in any other safe place.

Or you could just check Girl Genius out, but I'm pretty sure you already know what that's about, so I'm unsure why I'm even mentioning it.